Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Long Johns!!!!

Well as usual it was snowing today! Thankfully my wonderful loving husband went and bought me some long johns so I can stay outside a wee bit longer than before. Alas I wish I had something that protected my face a little more, it sure starts to hurt after awhile. Anyway today my feeders were really really busy, so much so there was no room at times for the new comers. So they had to sit and wait, like the first little one you see here at the top. I feel so sorry for them, I don't know how they do it.....keeping themselves warm enough to survive in these extreme environments. I wish I could put long johns on them I bet they would really love it! Can you image little birds flying around with long johns on??? Hahahahah it would be a sight to see wouldn't it. This poor soul below actually has an icicle hanging off it's beak!!! click on the picture to see it.

Look at all the snow on top of the bird feeder, and to think that first thing in the morning I had already clean off all the snow and dug out all the seed for them. Now at 1pm I had to tidy up the feeders again so they could find their food.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hoar Frost So Interesting And Beautiful

Hello everyone sorry about the delay in between posts, but Saskatchewan is a very extreme environment. You can have beautiful weather one day then a blizzard the next! Something I have never experienced before in my life. Moving out here from B.C has been an eye opener for sure. I was a pampered pet in Victoria B.C with temperatures never dipping below -5!!! Out here though I have already in NOVEMBER I might add experienced -23 without the wind chill factor. GREAT SCOTT that's cold...keeps me indoors let me tell you. Plus when I have gone outside in my many layers your face goes numb within 15 minutes, so I have to go in and out all day to get pictures that I would like to take, which of course takes up allot of time. In these next photos I would like to show you Hoar Frost...what is that you say???? Well apparently out on the Prairies they have this. The frost is sooooooooo thick it looks like snow, but it's not it's frost!!!! Something I have never heard of, but very common here. Enjoy these extreme photos!!! I think I managed to give you a variety to view. Have a fantastic day! Hugs Crista