Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Sun Has Finally Arrived ~ Farm Life

 Well at last we are finally getting temps above 0 !!!  Yeee Haaaa as some cowboys might say ;) LOL.  So I got out of the house for a much needed you can tell it's been a long winter when I get tired on my hike.  I'm used to hiking all day long...not on this photo shoot..only put in a few hours.  My legs are no longer in shape and grew tired to my dismay.  My dogs on the other hand gave me a your kidding right??? We are going back already!  Saddly I said to them..yes we are.  Dogs are funny how they can give you certain looks.  I'm really working hard at my tecnique this year...better light and artistic flair.  I hope as the year progresses you will start to see a change in my style of photography.