Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Water N Ice

Before winter set in last year. I manged in my whole Nano Second of time to get out and capture some interesting images that showed the wondrous beauty in frost. Nothing like the first frost before the onset of winter. It's like magic adding that coating of white on everything it touches. In the first shot I managed to find some plants that still had some berries on it...kinda adds a little contrast into the picture. Here in the second shot I found a back half of a leaf exposed and was amazed at how long some of the crystals of water extended out from the leaf....
The last two pictures are of basic puddles that froze over...I was hoping to capture some the the water designs as the water froze during the night. Interesting perspectives on water and how the molecules change with heat and freezing temperatures.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ruby Crowned Kinglet ~ I Finally Found One

This Ruby Crowned Kinglet is a great find for me.....I knew we had them here but they are so hard to find. They love to hang out in the thick undergrowth. Last year I managed to get a picture of the beautiful Golden Crowned Kinglet which you can find in my past history. I have to tell you these shots where a challenge for I tracked this male for over an hour to be able to get a clear shot of him. He only came out three different times to quickly grab a bug then just a quick head back into the bushes to my frustration. I tried my best to get a shot of the top of his head for you to see the beautiful red crown, but he just was too fast for me to get the shot. I'm hopeful that now that I've located their Habitat that I might find them again and get some better pictures of their beautiful head. Nothing quite like it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mother Nature's Natural Gifts of Spring

I love to look for the unusual the hidden surprises that Nature can provide if you take the time to walk slowly and look for it. While on one of my walks of late I came across this unique flower here in the top picture. Stunning look at the petals it's like a patchwork quilt!!! I couldn't believe my beautiful. I wish I knew what I was looking if any of you know please let me know what it is. This shot is of a Salmon Berry Blossom very prolific here on the West Coast. Our moist conditions and swampy areas are ideal for this plant.

Yes all of you know what this is...Blue delicate and I think at time under appreciated, but with new camera technologies this flower stands out in a crowd!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bushtit Activity before nesting

While on one of my many walks of late I heard the wonderful sounds of the Bushtit's Squeak. Since they travel in packs like wolves it's not hard to track them. But the challenge is to get a good shot off before they hop from one branch to another searching for bugs. In the top shot here I managed to get one eating an earwig. Gross bugs earwigs I'm glad someone eats them!!!

I love these little birds no bigger than a cotton ball so precious.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Rare Find!!! American Bittern

What a wonderful day it was here in the city. Lots of sunshine and plenty of birds to see, I really lucked out today I saw allot of species and managed to get some decent shots off. Of course I could have used a telephoto lens today to get the best shots off of this amazing American Bittern. This bird was at Swan Lake today, and very hard to get pictures of apparently. This bird is shy and doesn't like allot of noise or people for that matter. I would have missed this amazing bird if it wasn't for two birders already there taking pictures of it as well. I'm thank full for them both, because I don't see well they were able to show me where to look. Took me awhile to see the Bittern, the bird was well blended into the background.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm BACK!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!! Wow I've been gone for awhile haven't I. Well it couldn't be helped I'm afraid, working two jobs just took the time away from my photography. Not only that but my old computer crashed and we had to get me another one. That took some time and money LOL....but I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I will be leaving my second job at the end of April....managed to get rid of a very large bill, so I will have my weekends back. Yay!!!!!

I hope all is well with all of you which I'm sure it is. Here are some lovely spring flowers for all of you to admire. I've managed to get Photo shop and I'm practicing with some new techniques.
In the picture above (forget-me-nots) I did an application using a interesting application that makes your picture look like it's sinking into the page...drawing your eyes into the subject matter. I love the results I got with this.

In the middle shot I took a lovely picture of a Tulip Tree, white blossoms against a blue sky...a lovely affect indeed. But using this beauty I then added to it giving the outer petals of the flowers and stems a dreamy feel and texture.

Finally I gave COLLAGE an honest attempt with some lovely spring flowers I found in the forest last week. Yes I noticed a gray spot that I didn't fill, but I'm happy with the results. Very fresh I think.