Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Touch Of The Human Hand

The human hand and what we can do with it and the decisions we make. I'm guilty as charged in this area I'm afraid as much as I should admire animals in their natural habitat with my camera there's a part of me that wants to interact with the animals as well. For example I feed the birds in my yard; most of these birds are no longer afraid of me and come to see what I'm up to in the yard when I'm out. Deep down it delights me, but what if I were to move away? What would happen to all the birds? Especially the birds that every winter and summer who migrate here know where my house is; what hard ships would I impose on them if the food was gone? I always worry about these things, because it would never be my intention to hurt any wild animal. Why am I bringing this up???? It just came to me while I was watching this squirrel in the park being fed by a woman. She was laying in the ground with her body stretched out as far as she could to coax the squirrel to come and eat sunflower seeds out of her hand. The squirrel as you can see here was delighted to be getting some food for which it didn't have to forage for. So having animals rely on our human hand to give them hand outs is it wise? Not sure what the answer is; there are always pros's and Con's to both sides of the coin. What do you think???


  1. I have a hard time with this one as well!

    Up here, a big issue we face is bears. Sometimes they get fed... and then they grown to expect food from humans. And then we have an incident, and then the bear (who never did anything wrong other than trust a human) gets destroyed. It's extremely sad and in this case I feel that it is NEVER ok to feed the animals.

    In the case of your birds, I think the line is a bit blurrier. Honestly though, I can't tell you why I feel that way. I do feel that it is a responsibility you have created for yourself... now you need to feed them for the reasons you've outlined. I do think that if/when you are not around any more, MOST of them will find other food sources. It's sad that some of them might not.

    All in all I think we should minimize our impact on the wildlife around us. it's not always possible though.

    I think you've got the right idea though.

    At any rate - these are some GREAT squirrel shots!!! Thanks for sharing and for the thought provoking post!

  2. Krista ~ Thank you at times I like to stir the pot and get people thinking about the impact that we implement unnecessarily into their lives. For example in your case bears; here in Victoria the problems are rabbits and Deer. I'm glad I gave you food for thought :))) I loved reading your thoughts

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