Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy Bee 1 of 3

Well I have to tell you I have been working my Butt off to try and capture a decent series of a bee doin his thing. Pollinating our flowers.....well I think I finally got this series CLEAR enough to be proud to post them. Man was it ever hard to get a clear shot of them flying....hardest thing I have ever done so far with my camera.


  1. Hello Christa!
    These are fantastic shots! You know, we all startet out like you and it's a fantastic feeling to be able to show good results. We learn with every motiv, with every photo we take. The most important thing is the fun you have taking them, regardless of the outcome!!!
    What camera are you using?
    Greetings from Sweden and thank you for stopping by at my blog!
    Michaela :)

  2. That is one big bumble bee!!! Great shots. Our bees are just starting to become active. After the warm days last week, I can hear them in the field and around the flowers. Lovely shots....they are indeed clear!!