Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finally The Rufus Humming Bird Caught in Flight!!

Well here is a treat for you.....finally I found the Rufus Humming birds for you. Beautiful with their colors of browns and greens. These humming birds prefer the areas of condensed wooded areas. While I noticed that the Anna's like the wooded areas but don't really find it necessary for their comfort level. At least that's my perspective on the two species. How do I base that simply by my observations, I simply see more Anna's in the City versus the Rufus. I hope you enjoy these shots...they were taken up Island in my Mother and Father in laws yard.


  1. Wow, just beautiful, no words necessary that is for sure. take care.

  2. These are magnificent! I wish we had these up here. They do visit this far north (Whitehorse Yukon) but they are rare enough that I have never seen one. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh Crista, what beautiful shots! They're absolutely gorgeous! Especially love the brown third one, every little feather is exposed! Well done!

  4. Crista nice shots of the hummingbird. Love them especially the green one. Carol

  5. Naturedigital ~ Thank you I had fun with this project.

    Kerri ~ Thank you I'm glad you like the images :))

    cinner ~ Thank you I hope all is well with you..I've fallen behind in my blogs.

    Krista ~ Oh that warms my heart I'm glad I got some images of birds you don't see often up there. I love it when I see different species from other area of the world...glorious :)

    Maree ~ Thank you Maree..I'm so glad you enjoyed the images...it's been a long time for me to finally get some I can be proud of.

    Carol ~ Thank you Carol :))

  6. Brilliant Crista. Very well captured.

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