Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My First Picture Of An Orange-Crowned Warbler

Well here are some more pictures of bath time images and in these images is a capture of my first Orange-Crowned Warbler....which pleases me because I didn't know what it was until I looked it up. I originally thought it was someones canary that got loose, but I was wrong LOL. I really love the reflections you will see in some of these images I really try to capture more than one look when I take Nature shots. In the shot above this Robin sat in the water for over 10 minutes before it finally took it's bath. So I was thinking this is what happens as you age...you've got to wait for the water to warm up first...LOL
Here is my little Warbler...very cute. Nice in wet as well his little orange head is all a mess.

Here is the lovely pond that I took all these bath time shots at....I hope you love what you see. Have a fantastic day!!!!


  1. Beautiful shots. the bird is a cute little thing. we got a lot of snow overnight, so I would love to be at your pond. Have a great day.

  2. Bath time is adorable! I love the little orange messed-up head!

  3. I love everything here. Just everything. I've never seen the warbler here in Kentucky like that either. Carol

  4. All of the bath shots are great. It's wonderful to have a feature like your beautiful little pond to bring the birds out for a good viewing.

  5. Cinner ~ Snow is not a good thing in May...sorry to hear it is still cold enough out in Calgary to get snow. I bet you do wish you could be here and sitting here with me at that pond.

    Krista ~ Yes I love bath time shots!! Quite relaxing to watch them...you can accually feel your heart beat slower as you watch them.

    Carol ~ Thank you I'm delighted you enjoyed the shots

    Steve ~ Yes water has a way of attracting allot of birds...nice place to sit and wait to see who will be by in the day.

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