Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bushtit Activity before nesting

While on one of my many walks of late I heard the wonderful sounds of the Bushtit's Squeak. Since they travel in packs like wolves it's not hard to track them. But the challenge is to get a good shot off before they hop from one branch to another searching for bugs. In the top shot here I managed to get one eating an earwig. Gross bugs earwigs I'm glad someone eats them!!!

I love these little birds no bigger than a cotton ball so precious.


  1. Hi Christa, So happy to hear you are back in the blog swing of things. Beautiful little fella isn't he. Carol

  2. Hi Crista,
    This is a very interesting post and you got nice pictures of this little cotton ball... Not so easy I guess as they are probably moving a lot!

  3. An excellent shot of the Bushtit eating. Very clever little bird balancing on one leg and holding its food with the other.

  4. Hi Crista. I'm way behind with my blog reading so firstly welcome back. Congrats on the Bittern pics. I love watching our version of the Bushtit (Long-tailed), always active and rarely standing still. Take care. FAB.

  5. Carol ~ Thank you nice to be back!!

    Chris ~ For a cotton ball they move fast, so I'm surprised I got some decent shots off.

    John ~ Thank you my friend

    Frank ~ Don't sweat the small stuff I'm so far behind on the blogs I follow, it will take me days to catch up with everyone. Thanks for stopping by.