Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mother Nature's Natural Gifts of Spring

I love to look for the unusual the hidden surprises that Nature can provide if you take the time to walk slowly and look for it. While on one of my walks of late I came across this unique flower here in the top picture. Stunning look at the petals it's like a patchwork quilt!!! I couldn't believe my beautiful. I wish I knew what I was looking if any of you know please let me know what it is. This shot is of a Salmon Berry Blossom very prolific here on the West Coast. Our moist conditions and swampy areas are ideal for this plant.

Yes all of you know what this is...Blue delicate and I think at time under appreciated, but with new camera technologies this flower stands out in a crowd!!


  1. Hi Crista. The first one is Fritillaria meleagris, commonly known as Snake's Head Fritillary, or Chequered Lily, Chess Flower etc from the Liliacea family. The last shot looks like Muscari, probably siberica as opposed to Hyacinthoides (Bluebell). Beautiful close ups. FAB.

  2. ... And you are a gifted photographer to show us all the gifts of nature..
    Thank you

  3. Hi Crista..
    And what a gift to us... The essence of life, the beauty made in nature!!! These are beautiful pictures of beautiful flowers, well done!!!

  4. Beautiful pics Crista! I can just imagine the lot of work that goes into photographing, down-loading and then posting these beautiful pics - thanks for sharing with us!

  5. I have a little clump of Snake's Head fritillary in my garden but I have never managed to photograph inside the flowers as they hang straight down. Well done. Mine won't be in flower for quite a while yet. The same goes for my Muscari - flowers are only just starting to appear.

  6. Frank~ Thank you so much for the information I was able to put it on Flickr as a discription of the flower. Lots of people love the information and the flower.

    Naturedigital ~ Wow I'm blushing thankyou for your lovely compliment. I'm glad that you love the pictures

    Chris ~ Thank you my friend

    Maree ~ Yes it is allot of that I didn't fully understand until now. But I would have to say gratifing, like how you feel about your painting. I wish I could paint like you can.

    John ~ Lucky that you have these flowers in your yard....I found this one in the forest among the fallen leaves of last fall.