Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Water N Ice

Before winter set in last year. I manged in my whole Nano Second of time to get out and capture some interesting images that showed the wondrous beauty in frost. Nothing like the first frost before the onset of winter. It's like magic adding that coating of white on everything it touches. In the first shot I managed to find some plants that still had some berries on it...kinda adds a little contrast into the picture. Here in the second shot I found a back half of a leaf exposed and was amazed at how long some of the crystals of water extended out from the leaf....
The last two pictures are of basic puddles that froze over...I was hoping to capture some the the water designs as the water froze during the night. Interesting perspectives on water and how the molecules change with heat and freezing temperatures.


  1. Hi Crista,
    Wow i'm very impressed by the artistic side of these pictures! It is beautiful!!!

  2. Not had much in the way of a hoar frost here. I had been hoping to take some photos like your first two. Well captured. The third made a beautiful abstract picture.

  3. Thank you Adrian ~ I had fun doing these

    Chris ~ Glad you like the shots :)

    John ~ Wow no frost...I wish I could say the same here. We are in spring and we've been hit again with last minute frost just when all the flowers are out and blooming. Plus my Mason bees hatched and its too cold for them now worried about them accually.