Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Rare Find!!! American Bittern

What a wonderful day it was here in the city. Lots of sunshine and plenty of birds to see, I really lucked out today I saw allot of species and managed to get some decent shots off. Of course I could have used a telephoto lens today to get the best shots off of this amazing American Bittern. This bird was at Swan Lake today, and very hard to get pictures of apparently. This bird is shy and doesn't like allot of noise or people for that matter. I would have missed this amazing bird if it wasn't for two birders already there taking pictures of it as well. I'm thank full for them both, because I don't see well they were able to show me where to look. Took me awhile to see the Bittern, the bird was well blended into the background.


  1. Beautiful bird and photographs..
    You are lucky to spot ...

  2. Funny looking bird! I still like your blog, you got great stuff coming here! Thanks! :)

  3. Hi cirsta,
    Well done, they are not so easy to see as you said. Nice you got him and got nice pictures. I do not know if you know that but Eyjafjallajökull has erupted Saturday night and is still full speed. Now we are waiting for Katla to follow

  4. Well spotted and photographed, Crista. They sound just like the UK Bittern - shy, retiring and difficult to spot.

  5. Oh you lucky duck! I've only seen one once, and wasn't able to get a decent shot. Beautiful!

  6. Lovely shots Crista. I just love these birds of the heron family and have seen on the internet that your American Bittern's numbers have declined in the southern parts of its range due to habitat loss and that their status is now protected.

  7. Naturedigital ~ Thankyou and I agree it was a luck spot indeed. I'm thankful it's not everyday you see something like that.

    HBFG~ Thank you I'm very touched that you still enjoy coming here and seeing what I'm up too.

    Chris ~ NO I didn't know that your Volcano's had errupted. Our news hasn't covered any of it. Hmmmmm I hope that the population isn't in risk of getting hurt. How close are the Volcano's to the general public???

    John ~ Thank you, but the real thanks goes to the two men who pointed the bird out to me. If not for them I wouldn't have spotted it at all.

    Kelly~ Thanks I still wish I had a telescopic lense...the pictures would have been fantastic.

    Maree ~ Thank you I love the Heron family as well and yes it's sad that these beautiful birds are now protected due to loss of Habitat. One day I hope that we learn from our mistakes sooner than later.