Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back Yard Images Again!!

Well I'm looking forward to this weekend everyone. First I will have some time to go out and get some new shots so I don't bore all of you too much with the same stuff. Second I will finally have the time to spend looking at blogs I follow and I'm really looking forward to that. I was playing around with photoshop in this top shot. I wanted to add some interest to a simple flower...I could have done better I think or a least make the lighting effects no so noticeable. These shots were from the back yard...the Golden Crowned Sparrows are in full force and are constantly in the yard for seed and a lovely surprise at the suet feeder I've got two males who fight over the suet....I managed to get a decent shot off considering all of the others where so blurry.


  1. Crista, you show such detail in your pics, my point and shoot should be kicked to the curb. lol. enjoy .

  2. Even if they are coming from your yard, these pictures are beautiful!!!

  3. Far better than I can acheive from the garden (back yard) at the moment. The 'Woodie' posed perfectly for you. FAB.

  4. Cinner ~ It's not about kicking your pictures to the curb!! Your funny...your pictures are not what your blog(S) are really about. It's more about your feelings in life and how you deal with them. So never compare you photo's with mine...your much better with your lovely detailed narative of your life.

    Naturedigital ~ Thank you :)

    Chris ~ Thank you my friend

    Frank ~ I'm glad you liked the picture of the squirrel and I know that just around the corner sping will be in your back yard. Hugs Crista