Thursday, April 29, 2010

Male Versus Female Birds ~ Example The Peacock

I have always wondered why the male species of just about all varieties of birds in the world are the most colorful. It's not like that for the rest that live on this planet. You can't tell one Zebra from the next they all look the same. Consider the hippo is one better looking than the other??? No I would say their not. So why the difference in birds??? It's a quandary for me really and I find no logic in it at all other than the male must convince the female that they are the best and have the better genes to continue the line. Never the less their colors are extraordinary and amaze the senses. The way the males dance, prance and try to grab the attentions of the female are an art to watch. Male Peacocks are the most exquisite dancers and have a display of feathers that would knock your socks off. Nature at times can be mysterious....but even at that I love the fact that not everything is so cut and dry.


  1. Great theme, Beautiful photographs.

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous. I have seen them when all their feathers are fluffed out. and it is amazing...great shots. take care.

  3. It does not pay for the female to be brightly coloured because she is the one who will be doing all the hard work rearing a family, so she needs to be well camouflaged, particularly when she is sitting on eggs.

  4. hi Cirsta,
    One of the exception I know is the red-necked phalarope. There the female is much more colored than the male, but it tends to be rare due to sexual selection. In birds and fishes, most of the time, the female choose the males and the latter developed a lot of clue to be picked up ;-)

  5. Hello Christa, finally made it over to your blog..What wonderdul photos and you raise a very interesting point. Though there are a few exceptions to the rule. Same goes for some species of bird were the male does all the brooding and raises the chicks, the female leaves after she has laid her eggs.
    Well done Christa. John

  6. Naturedigital ~ Thank you very much :)

    Cinner ~ Yes I agree they are quite somethin when their feathers are all out on display. I have quite a few of them already...I wanted to try a different approach this time to my post. Glad you like it.

    Linda ~ Great point...a very logical reason and I would have to agree with your oppinion because there could be no other reason but that.

    Chris ~ I will have to google that bird, I didn't know that there was an exception to rule. Alas I should know better ;)

    John ~ Nice you came by and I'm glad you gave me some food for thought. Everyone has a little something to contribute to the subject at hand. LOVE IT !!! :)