Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beautiful British Columbia's Dog Wood Flowers

Well I have been trying for years to get a decent shot of these flowers...Dog Wood flowers come from a tree for those of you who might not know. They are also a protected tree here in British Columbia Canada. In other words they are against the law to cut down...the problem with the Dog Wood is that the flowers are very delicate and really can't stand direct afternoon sun...too hot for the blooms and they tend to go brown around the edges of the petals, which doesn't make a nice picture. So while at work one of my co-workers brought it to my attention that the dog wood just outside our window was just blooming and I should get some nice pictures of it...so the next day I brought in my stuff and during lunch when out and did just that. Lovely no brown edges on these shots.


  1. LOVELY shots Crista! Didn't know the Dogwood flowered - in fact, how about a pic of the complete tree? Not sure if there are Dogwoods in South Africa...

  2. Googled it, WOW, what a tree! I might just mention that many a time your posts lead me to Google something!

  3. Superb, these look like huge flowers!!! Lucky you to get so nice flowers now!!

  4. Spectacular shots! I love it when I can time things just right to avoid the brown edges, or the shot dandelions. :o)

    So nice to find another Canadian Crista! I suppose I'm a Kanadian Krista though. ;o)

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Maree ~ I'm glad I keep you on your toes and that researching things on google comes with the teritory when you come here to my blog :0)

    Chris ~ Yes the Dog Wood Tree gives off very large flowers...a stunning tree in the right conditions

    Krista ~ Wow another Crista...nice to meet you and I'm glad you have stopped by. It's not very often I run into someone with the same name as myself...Crista isn't a very common name :0) You Mom had great taste when she named you...

  6. Love the flowers of the Cornus. Great pics Crista.