Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fresh Scenic Shots ~ Black N White

I've always loved the look of Black N White images there is something about the depth that seems to come through over color. Maybe that's only my personal perspective on that but I love how the light just plays among the textures of the shrubs and trees. I have never seemed to master that perfect look of Black N White, but in my mind everyday is an opportunity to try something new and to hopefully learn from it. Or at least get some constructive criticism on how to improve on what I've achieved or trying to achieve.


  1. Great Black and White photography.

  2. The first is superb, looks almost like infra-red.

  3. Just beautiful , LOVE the black and white. take care, have a great weekend.

  4. I love the fisrt one a lot, and it is probably due to the composition more than the effect of the black and white, although I think that the second one is maybe a bit overexposed ;-)

  5. B&W definitely still has a place. See the shapes and textures instead of the colours. I like the 2nd one. The birds stand out well. The house in the background looks an ideal place to live to observe the wildlife.

  6. Hi Crista,
    Visiting you from Carol's blog. I don't usually post B & W though I like when others do. I think I refrain because so much of my landscape IS white for a big portion of the year! Love the birds in flight capture.

  7. naturedigital ~ Thanks I'm glad you like the Black N's a refreshing change from color..mixing it up can be fun.

    Adrian ~ Yes the first one turned out great!! very pleased definitely my favorite.

    Cinner ~ I did just that I had a wonderful weekend :) filled my soul with what I needed FRESH AIR...

    Chris ~ Yes I thought that too with the 2nd being over exposed...not sure how I could have fixed that other than watching my light better.

    John ~ Wow I didn't even notice the house until you pointed it out!!! Good eyes my friend.

    Barb ~ Thank you for stopping by and yes it's nice to view other's Black N White shots...that's what gave me the inspiration to give it a try. Where do you live Barb where much of your landscape is white???

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