Monday, April 26, 2010

Nature In Bubbles

What a fabulous weekend I had this weekend!!!! It was so nice not being at work that I couldn't stay indoors for one minute. I managed to get some interesting shots off and I've done some experimentation on some ideas of how to portray nature in exciting and different ways. Here are some great shots of my son's Kenton and Corey blowing bubbles for me so I could capture reflections in the bubbles. We had a smashing great time. Lots of laughter and who could blow the biggest bubble. I loved's not very often the boys will play with me very much anymore so this was a special day. The challenge look carefully into the bubbles tell me what you can see :) Have fun


  1. Super shots. had forgotten all about these effects, I'll have to get a bubble maker.

  2. Beautiful rainbow colours. Strange the way images in the bubbles are half the right way up and half upside down. Do I spot the photographer in a few of them?

  3. Ah ah excellent... I've been trying that too last summer and it sometime gives an excellent results just as yours... Superb!

  4. What a great idea, Crista. Looks like your boys are having a good time. Glad you got to spend the weekend outdoors finally!

  5. I think these are fabulous, and what a great way to get the boys to play with you. I really love the last photo. have a great week. take care, glad you are well.

  6. Adrian~ all you need is a group of children save some money LOL :)

    John ~ good for you yes I'm in some of those bubbles good eyes my friend.

    Chris ~ you said you had been trying did you succeed???

    Heather ~ You have no idea my boys had a hoot...nice to hear lovely laughter and taking fun shots all at the same time.

    Cinner ~ Thank you Cinner and I will have a great week :)