Monday, April 5, 2010


One thing I have found the most challenging about taking photographs of birds is the fact that they are never still for a moment. I have been trying since I started my blog to get some decent pictures of Woodpeckers, Downey and Hairy Woodpeckers I think are the hardest to get. These two shots I managed to get in the UVIC Gardens. I've compared these two shots with others I've tried to get in the past....I've improved in clarity, but still have to work in the quality I think. My son Corey was watching National Geographic the other night and they had a special feature on woodpeckers all around the world. One interesting fact I learned was how the Woodpecker protects their delicate brains from the intense impact when they are drilling for bugs and burrowing into trees to make nests. Their tongues actually contract and circumference their brain to cushion the impact!!! Impressive I think so....I had always wondered how they could drill without knocking themselves out cold. Now I know why....


  1. Crista, they are very difficult, these are pretty good. On my screen they could do with brightening a bit. I'd be thrilled with these.

  2. Hi Crista,
    yep this little bird have all kinds of techniques to protect themselves and they are sometime quite surprising! you got very nice pictures of it, woodpeckers are not that easy to capture! Well done.

  3. The second photo is great. As you say birds are rarely cooperative when it comes to cameras and photographers.

  4. Lovely pics Crista! I also watched the same program about the Woodpeckers and that tongue is amazing!

  5. You have certainly done better than I've achieved with this species so far. Well done Crista. FAB.

  6. Adrian ~ I agree with you about the brightness of the shots. It was an over cast day when I took these shots. I tried to brighten them, but ended up getting a halo left well enough alone. :)

    Chris ~ Thank you I'm tryin my friend!!

    John ~ No kidding have any top secret tips you can give the new kid on the block??

    Maree ~ Really wow!! you have great taste in programs to view on the T.V :) I love National Geographic I always learn something watching thier programs.

    Frank ~ Really I don't believe that my friend you take great photo's :)

    Hugs Crista