Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bald Eagles and Blue Heron

Well I finally found a Bald's days like this that I wish I had an SLR with a 400mm lens. I feel though that the images I did manage to capture across the pond are lovely and I'm very proud of them. Took me a year and a half to run into these beautiful birds....and they stayed in the trees for a very long time. I also managed to get a spectacular picture of this Blue Heron....I definitely enjoyed my walk. Went home with a smile on my face an a lift to my steps!!!


  1. Great photographs of beautiful birds.

  2. Hi Crista,
    Wow fantastic pictures of the bald eagle. I'm happy you managed to find it and get so many nice pictures of it... Nature is beautiful!

  3. wow its the beautiful pictures! wow

  4. You did a grand job there Crista, lovely photos. A long zoom does mean you can stay further away but you proved it isn't always necessary.

  5. Naturedigital ~ Thank you I've wanted to get pictures of the Bald Eagles for such a long time.

    Chris ~ Thank you how are things with your world that Volcano sure is causing some excitement in this world. Every night your on the news!!

    Jess ~ Thank you for your lovely comment

    John ~ You think so??? Thank you so much I really tried hard to get some decent shots of the Eagles. Means allot from you :)

  6. Hi Crista. I wish I had a bigger lens every day! Smashing shots of the Bald Eagle and Heron just goes to prove that your wishes can come true. FAB.