Wednesday, September 2, 2009

British Columbia's Beautiful Birds ~ Pilated Woodpecker

On Sunday I went for my favorite walk.....I love walking through UVIC's Gardens it's so nice. Although I was expecting to see exciting things I wasn't expecting this!! I heard a Knock Knocking sounds telling me we had a visitor here. I was thinking Oh a Hairy Woodpecker or perhaps a Downy Woodpecker...NO to my great surprise it was a Pilated Woodpecker our larges Woodpecker on the Island. Unfortunately everyone the great morning light was already these pictures had to have large modifications with exposer because of the bright sun light. Plus my angles are something to be desired. I'm happy with these shots...but the action shot in the middle is still a wee bit blurry....but what can ya do....Woodpeckers are not known to stay still while they peck for grubs and bugs are they. LOL I think at one point I asked to stay still for a minute please...It did stop and look right at me...but turned quickly to finish what it was looking for...I laughed out loud when I saw that it was listening to me talking to myself. I was extremely amused.

In this last shot the Woodpecker suddenly turned it's head as if being called and flew away. The action was very noticable it took me by surprise.


  1. very cool. i have not seen a woodpecker here. take care my friend.c

  2. Hi Crista,
    Wow that should have been a day then! I've only seen it on many blog, never with my own eyes, and it really looks like it is a gorgeous bird. Probably pretty nice to see it! Today, I saw my first red-head smew on Bakkatjorn! Yeh sometime we see nice foreign bird in Iceland ;-)

  3. Lovely photos Crista. I think I like the first one best with it peering over the top.

  4. Great job Crista. So beautiful the red and black and white.

  5. Beautiful and the light looks fine to me. I love Pileated woodpeckers but usually only see them in the winter when they are desperate enough to come to the feeder area. We can hear them in the nearby woods....they are so loud.

  6. Chris...what is a Smew???? Haven't a clue..I know I'll google it. I google almost everything now. I'm the goodle queen. :)

    John ~ Glad to hear you love the Papaya!! Nice isn't it. Yes the top one is my favorite too. Nice against the blue sky.

    Carol ~ Thank you very much my dear

    Mary ~ I wouldn't think that a large woodpecker would come to the feeders. I know that the small ones like the Downy and the Hairy come to my suet feeders they like it alot!! Little monkey's :)