Monday, September 21, 2009

The Forest Floor ~ The Beautiful Gastropod

Morning everyone.....A one time before I had this many followers I mentioned in one of my posts the wonders of the Natural recyclers. The animals that we miss that work so hard in our forest floors cleaning up decaying debris and helping the ecosystem take care of the break down of large materials can turn into natural compost. Compost that our forest floors rely on for nutrients to sustain all levels of life. From the growth of plants that feed our larger animals and birds to the small. The animals we don't notice like ants, bees, centipedes and other small living things we tend not to notice. This silent Gastropod or slug as some of you would call it plays and important roll in the forest...I love them. So shy, so quite they go about their business in a very determined manner. Which is to help decompose matter and help make compost. A very important animal in our forests. So the next time you go for a walk take a blook at your feet. You will me amazed at what you find.... Happy Monday everyone


  1. Crista when I was out visiting my sister when she lived on the island, i went to put my shoes on and there was one of them in my shoe, i just freaked, ever since i have a real phobia about them...i know what a wus! take care my friend.

  2. Great close up shots. As long as they stay in the forest and stop munching my plants that is OK. :)

  3. You make this slimmy little guy look very cute :-) Great macro shots. Does anyone but me have trouble with your background loading? it is beautiful, but it always comes on slowly and that leaves yellow writing on a white background until it does. Probably just my computer, although it is usually fast.

  4. Hi Crista,
    It is kind of sluggy ;-) Very funny to see how you turned this little animal in a ferric one by the nice quality of your pictures. Nice post!

  5. Cinner ~ OH DEAR I'm truely sorry to hear about that.

    John ~ I understand about the damage about the slug situation with the garden aspect. They can be very destructive.

    Mary ~ Thank you...sorry to hear that my site is taking a long time to load. I had a problem with another site at one time too. What I do to prevent this kind of problem is I try to keep my blog clean and less cluttered I will attempt to clean it up some more. Let me know if you continue to have problems.

    Chris ~ Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed my slug post.