Saturday, September 19, 2009

Out Of The Mist ~ My Attempt At A Scenic Shot

As all of you know scenic shots are the shots I need the most practice with. Here is a shot I took at Beacon Hill Park last week. It was the same day I captured the Red Breasted Nuthatch shots. As I explained before Beacon Hill Park also butts up to the Ocean and sometimes you can see the Cruise ships either leaving or coming in. Here is a ship coming into the Harbour...but what I found so lovely is the mist or fog just hovering over the ocean. As summer merges into fall the warmer water and the cooler air meet and sometimes the images are quite mystical with the mist just above the water. I also like the images of the mountains behind not quite clear but part of the mystical scene.


  1. An absolutely beautiful photo Crista - you don't need much more practice! Also love the header pic...

  2. Sort of a "ghost boat" shot...haunting.

  3. It looks so peaceful. Did you get any shots of the boat as it got closer?

    Shelley @ Shutterbug

  4. Maree ~ Thank you very much I'm glad you like the new header...fall is here and spring has sprung in Africa how cool is that!!

    Mary ~ Yes indeed quite haunting isn't it...I love the effect.

    Shelly ~ Yes I did but I didn't like the effect. You couldn't see the mountains behind and the whole image instantly became all about the ship instead of the effect.

    John ~ Yep I love it :)