Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When Plants Go To Seed ~ The Next Phase Of Beauty

Another find in a Field......Now that fall if officially upon us, the plants realize this as well. Going to seed is that beautiful final stage of life for the majority of plants on earth. Their reason for existing to reproduce oneself is a high priority. Or as we know it the plant will cease to exist. As I take the time to look at things from a different perspective with my camera, I have come to notice the small things. The simple things in life and I'm finding I'm more and more interested and intrigued I become. This is just one plant I found very interesting as it prepares to release it's future to the wind. Do you notice the small...if not walk around your yard with your might be amazed.


  1. There are many beautiful patterns in the natural world as in your first photo Crista. Well spotted.

  2. Lovely Crista. I've also noticed, for the first time, that my Aloes have got a lot of 'seed pods' where the flowers used to be. Also all because of photographing them when in flower. You're right, the camera does give us a different perspective.

  3. Beautiful Crista, especially the second in which the contrast of light is awesome. Well done.

  4. Beautiful Crista, glad you are finding time for what you love to do. Take care, Be well.

  5. Beautiful...I like what you have said here.

    best wishes

  6. Blogging and taking photos makes me so much more aware of what is around me. Beauty is found in so many little things that we would normally ignore. These are lovely shots.

  7. Maree ~ you will have to paint those Aloe seed pods I bet they would make for a wonderful painting.

    Chris ~ Thank you so much I was laying on the ground for that shot.

    Cinner ~ I'm trying my friend I'm trying!!!

    Ribbon ~ Thank you for your wonderful comment I'm glad you like what I wrote.

    Mary ~ I'm glad you agree with camera has truly opened my eyes to observe my world with new eyes.

    John ~ I loved the look of this plant I found it so interesting to look at. I'm glad you liked it.