Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday And Exhausted!! ~ These Forgotten Homes

Hey everyone...sorry for not posting this weekend. I've just started a second job, so now I'm working 7 days a week. Victoria is getting more and more expensive, food cost is up from last year, Hydro went up, gas went get the picture. So my plan is to work hard and see where we are at in six months time. By that time we are hopeful to be caught up and ahead for a change. I hate living from pay cheque to pay cheque, not a good way to live....stresses me out!! So this will defiantly bite into my photography time. I'm hopeful that it doesn't affect my postings but we will see. Today I posted the sea's Forgotten Homes and I did it in Black N White and Color. So tell me which one do you think is more effective? I look forward to hearing what each of you prefer...should be fun :)


  1. Hi Crista, love your new header pic as well as all the welcomes in different languages! And sorry to hear you're working so hard. Just remember, without action there is no attraction, and the Universe will honour all your efforts.

    I must say I really love black and white, it gives a crispness that colour can't, but as an artist, colour is always what inspires me and gets the juices flowing.

    Another one of your photographs has inspired me and I will be posting the sketch tomorrow. There are actually so many of your photographs that are inspirational, I don't actually know where to start! Your water drops are exceptional and should be a real challenge.


  2. I hope you manage to get some time off Crista. We all need to recharge our batteries from time to time but I know what you mean about the rising cost of living.

    Regarding the photos - I have always though there is a place for both colour and b/w. To me the b/w lets the eyes concentrate on the general form, shape and texture of the whole picture. Colour shows the natural look of things but the eyes then concentrate on the colours and may miss other things.

  3. So love your new header photo. It is beautiful! I'm sorry you are having to work more. Food costs have gone up here in Kentucky. I'm noticed quite a bit from the past three months. I love your two images of the abandoned houses so to speak. I like the black and white because I always see more detail in the black and white. I equally love the color version because it gives one warmth and draws you in. I'll let you decide your favorite. Thanks for the option though! Take care. After working 50 hours this week myself I'm pretty pooped and was grateful for a three day weekend.

  4. I like both...hard to choose. If they were not side by side I would think either was a perfect shot. But seen together, I'm always drawn to color and the added depth it gives. Sorry, you are working so hard and hope you find time for some "photo therapy" to keep you unstressed and sane :-) The economy is awful everywhere. Unemployment is the big problem here and most are just happy to have jobs. They are getting ready to close a huge plant in our town, laying off more workers. I hope things improve soon.

  5. Hi Crista. Make sure you make some time for YOU throughout your busy schedule. Love the new header photo! As for the photos in this post, well, I'm a total sucker for black and white, but then when I saw the color version I noticed all the subtleties in the coloring of the shells, and you just can't see that in the B&W version. So... I guess it's a toss-up for me! The B&W is good for a nice crisp look, but the color is good for showing the intricacies of the shells. Take care!

  6. Hi Crista. I'm not going to choose. Both have there place for many of the reasons already stated.
    I can fully appreciate your current situation but please try to find some time for what makes you tick....nature. FAB

  7. Hi Crista,
    That would be the black and white for me!
    I hope the second job is gonna help you.
    Well you probably know that here too the situation is not that good... Iceland has been sinking and is still!!!

  8. Maree~ you are such an inspiratin yourself and you say such wonderful kind things. Thank you for that :)

    Midmarsh John ~ Wow love how you broke down and gave such interesting points of view on the color V Black N White. Lovely points of view. I will and I promise to try to remember time for me. I know it will be hard to remember to do it.

    Carol, Mary, Heather, Frank and Chris Thank you all of you for your wonderful words of encouragement. I love how each of you have reacted to the pictures. I find it very interesting to read everyones points of view. I totally agree with all of you that Black N White is definately a crisp clean look, but I've also enjoyed the points of view on the colored picture as well. More depth in color than in Black N White. All of your comments have been fabulous!! Thank you for taking the time and for sharing your thoughts with me. :)