Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Turkey Vulture Spotings In Victoria BC!!!! The Lost Bird

First I would like to say WOW!!! for what ever reason these Turkey Vultures have shown up here. Some how they have gotten lost or caught an outflow that brought them up here. Apparently this happens from time to time. According to local birders they are patiently waiting for the proper outflow again to get back home to the Mexican area. Are they lost I would say so. So when I was walking the other day I saw them in the sky about three of them. I'm so sorry for the quality of these shots...but I don't own an SLR so this is it. Look at their wing span amazing and you can see their white beak and red face. I did try to track them to see where they would land...but they just flew even further away. So what I got is what I've posted. I did go out the next day...there had been sightings at Cattle point but I couldn't find them.


  1. Is it uncommon for turkey vultures to be seen in Victoria, or just this time of year? I'm over on San Juan Island and we have lots of turkey vultures here all summer - and I've still been seeing them in fact. Just curious to compare notes! Thanks for sharing your sighting. I found your blog off Wildlife Photography Blogs, which I just joined.

  2. Hi Crista,
    It is nice you saw these guys. They are gorgeous and big and beautiful.
    Of course, we do not have them in Iceland, but I managed to see them in Chile and I was quite impressed! Well done!

  3. Crista, I know the feeling when you see a bird not often seen in your area. That's how I felt when I saw the commorants in Mustatatuck Refuge. You still got some nice images. Thanks for your comments the other day on my blog. You inspire me to look for the unique. Blogging has helped me to reconnect with my dream of photographing beautiful images. Carol

  4. Monika ~ to answer your question apparently this is a very unusual sighting....we don't get these birds here. apparently they were caught in an outflow and were brought up here. Normally this bird would be this far up ever. At least that is my understanding. Thank you for coming by and seeing my blog...hope to see more of you :)

    Chris ~ Well no you wouldn't see them in Iceland that's for sure. We don't see them here either. Quite exciting...too bad they didn't land so I could have gotten a better shot.

    Carol ~ Your welcome and I'm glad that my photo's stimulate your mind set so to speak. Look for the unusual Carol and you will be amazed. :)

  5. Actually, turkey vultures are considered 'fairly common' around Victoria. I see them almost every time I'm out, outside of Victoria - especially near Gowland-Todd park (Mt. Work), around Red Barn market - check them out - that lake there is also full of birds - swallows, common yellow-throats, black birds, purple martins. . .

  6. I got a shot of a turkey vulture(there were two) near Lumby,British Columbia,Canada. I thoughrt they were eagles but they had a red head.They are beautiful birds.

  7. I just saw a turkey vulture fly right over me in my backyard in Royal oak Saannich
    WOW alright never seen one before
    What a bird
    Thought it was a young eagle
    But I saw the red head and the unders of the wings clear as day

  8. Tobias, May 31, 2014.
    This morning in Uplands Park around noon I saw two vulture type birds -- red bare head and vulture like beak. One flew off attracting my attention and the second remained a while maybe twenty five feet up on the branch of a dead tree.
    However, the bird did not look black or grey under-winged, rather feathered in two shades of brown. Wondering what they were, I found turkeys came to mind as well as vultures.... I am not sure what they were.

  9. In victoria today there are hundreds of them from out of nowhere

  10. Yesterday I happened to start counting the vultures in the sky over Saanich/Oak Bay and I lost count after 120+. They were amazing soaring and swooping around. I also got photos of swarms of them.