Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Manged To Fit In A Walk Between The Drops ~ Part 1

Well I managed to get out yesterday afternoon late....I watched it rain like Cats N Dogs all day! So between all the rain drops I headed out for my very favorite walk to UVIC's Gardens, since it's across the road I knew I could get some lovely shots off before it got dark on me. Notice how it's getting darker sooner...bummmer....that's one thing about summer I enjoy the most. The fact you can still be outside at 8 or 9 at night and it's still nice and bright out before sunset. So here are some lovely flowers I found...a bit wet but lovely none the less.


  1. Thanks for the bright beautiful pics, and good news my friend, we found my dog, so all is good in my world again. Hope you are well.

  2. And lovely flowers they are too. It always amazes me how our weather can vary so much up and down the country. Down here we had temperatures in the low 80s and sunshine all day. I now know from reading yours and others blogs that the more northern and westerly areas had dreadful weather.

    But this did give you some wonderful raindrop images though :)

  3. Hi Crista,
    These are colorful pictures and the water droplet on the flowers are so nice. I guess you are getting the same weather as in Iceland, raining all the time ;-) Well, no today is a nice day....

  4. Your images brighten my day every day! Thank you so much.

  5. Such lovely flower photos Crista - the colors are brilliant! I know what you mean about the days getting shorter... my least favorite thing about this time of year.

  6. Cinner I'm so happy to hear that your dog came home. I was so worried for you...now I can take a breath and smile for you ;)

    Tricia ~ That's the one thing I fnd interesting about our world...the diversity in our environments..in one location they could be drowning in rain and in the other a heat wave. So while I have rain you could be have the best weather...go figure... Thank you for your lovely comments.

    Chris ~ We are so much like Iceland we get allot of rain on the coast..we are now heading into our rainy season which of course I don't enjoy. I tend to get cabin fever...and then I drive my family crazy. Not good LOL

    Carol ~ You are a sweet sweet woman thank you so much for your lovely comments and I'm delighted that my pictures brighten your day every day. That is wonderful :)

    Heather ~ Thank you and don't I know it...darkness not good. I think though that most people like the longer day light hours than heading into darkness so soon. That's the one part of winter I don't like ...waking in the dark and coming home in the dark...