Friday, September 11, 2009

Fabulous Fruit Fridays!!! ~ The Zestful Orange

Goodmorning and yes Happy Fabulous Fruit Friday!! Today's feature is the orange and I did three different things with this fruit to add some drama and flair to this particular shot. So under each photo I will tell all of you what I did!! In this top shot I got the boys to take a eye dropper and place it under the water to shoot air across the mirror that I have placed under the orange...this effect then made the water shimmer adding some depth and excitement in front of the orange rather than just a simple reflection.
In the middle shot again I had the boys use an eye dropper and I attempted to capture a water drop hitting the water as you see here in the middle. I should have used a higher speed shutter but I still like the effect I have here...soft and dynamic.

Then in the final shot I simply took a nice shot utilizing the mirror and water under the orange. So tell me which shot is more appealing to you? Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Crista I have to say it again. Your images are so bright and my favorite color is orange. Love it. I like the second one with the big bubble most. If I didn't know how it was created I would wonder what the bubble was about and that is what you want people to do with your photos, think. GREAT JOB! I'll send some photos along of my trip this weekend next week. Thanks, Carol

  2. Hi, haven't been here for a while, we were always busy this summer...

    I am really amazed how fantastic your photography has become and how creative you are.
    Really cool, fantastic job!!!

  3. Hi Crista,
    I find all of them quite original ans stunning, but I love the last one more than the other. I cannot really tell you why thought!! Have a nice week end!

  4. I like the first one best :). Althou all three are lovely <3

  5. really worked on this and the results are stunning! My mouth is just watering for an orange now!

  6. What a brilliant idea. All look mouthwatering but my own favourite is the middle one, especially when viewed larger as the volcano like effect of the water bouncing up can be seen clearly.

  7. Wow! These are a work of art. No 3 for me. FAB

  8. Carol~ Thank you....I really try to work hard with food shots...I want the person viewing the picture to feel like they can just reach in and eat it! I like the middle one too....for me it's my favorite!

    HBFG ~ Nice to hear from you ...and yes it has been awhile. But I must say your summer was crazy busy...I know because I read about it. :) Thank you very much for your beautiful comments.

    Chris ~ I see you like the crisp fresh look ....your not alone most people don't like allot of activity in their photos...I've notice this type of trend... Oh it's a good thing means you probably like clean lines and a crisp look in most of things you I right?

    Lemoncello ~ Nice the first one is very popular in Flickr!! so your right up there with the majoriy :) Thank you for your lovely comments.

    Mary ~ Thanks!!! I wonder did you go and eat an orange? :)

    John ~ The bubble shot...hmmm I would have figured you for the last shot..the crisp clean surpised me. I like that :) It was a fun project got my boys into the whole event. Which thrilled me.

    Frank ~ #3 :) Nice it is a lovely picture...very fresh and inviting.. Thanks for the lovely comment.

    Everyone have a wonderful Weekend :)

  9. Hello, I loved the middle one, although I have to say they all looked good to eat. Take care my friend.

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I love all that color. Looks like a photo you would find in a cookbook. I like the waterdrop as well!