Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blue Heron Caught In Willow Tree

When I was at Beacon Hill Park the other day I spotted this Blue Heron in a Willow tree having a nap. It didn't take long for the Heron to wake up and I tried my best to get as close as possible to get a decent snap of this wonderful bird. I have in the past tried to get good shots of them, but my light wasn't very good or they were too far away for my camera. I'm happy with the shot I got of this magnificent bird. I went back to work was it hard after being off sick for a week. I got tired fast and easy and it was smokin busy. Life on a Surgical floor...Tonight I will catch up will all of you and see what you've been up too. Till then have a wonderful day everyone!!!


  1. Okay little chickadee, that is incredible! Crista you never cease to amaze me.

  2. Cracking shots of the Heron Crista. It must have been thrilling to see it so close.

  3. Crista fantastic shots of this great bird. I can never get as close as you did here. Fantastic. Love love love these. Carol

    Glad you're back at work. Ooooh, a surgical nurse or tech, not an easy job and if you're doing a second job, ooooh, I'm feeling for you girl.

  4. Cinner ~ You make me smile....I'm tickled pink that you like my photo's. Thank you my dear.

    Adrian ~ Thank you :)

    John ~ Yes almost had to climb the tree though John. At my age that's not such a good idea...LOL

    Carol ~ Thanks Carol...good guess on my job at the Hospital though. I'm not a tech or a Nurse but I'm a Acute Ward Clerk actually. :)

  5. Crista,

    Did you really climb that tree...if so that is some going to get those pics.

    You just keep getting better and better with the photos.


  6. You've got a lot of good photographs on your Blog - well done ..

  7. Hi Crista,
    This is a beautiful set of portraits. Gorgeous... We have two grey herons turning around Reykjavik now, but herons are quite rare over here!!

  8. Oh Crista... what lovely photographs... he's so handsome! Keep up the lovely work!

  9. These are wonderful! You must have been ultra sneaky to do such a great close-up job.

  10. John ~ Thank you for your fabulous compliment!!

    Chris ~ Interesting to note that you don't have Heron's often there...I would have thought they would be there in your neck of the woods simply because of the abundance of ocean shores for fishing.

    Laura ~ Thank you my dear he is very handsome indeed. :)

    Mary ~ I'm sneaky don't kid or as sneaky as a 6 foot woman can be. :)