Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Last Of The Summer Flowers

Victoria B.C has been very blessed this year...we are deep into fall yet our temp has reach highs of 19-20 degrees still even in October. So it has prolonged the life of our summer flowers by about two months. My hanging baskets are still in full bloom and my roses are now on their third set of flowers after trimming them back. We still haven't had our first frost and the temp has only gone down to 6 at night. For those of you who are getting snow now...sorry to hear here are some lovely summer flowers for you to see. Don't worry our winter will come...just later than yours if your season now is winter. I know that in Africa and Australia they are currently in spring and should be seeing their spring flowers now. Have a wonderful day everyone.


  1. Hi Crista,
    At least you still have some flowers! Cool, the second and third shots are really nice.I love them.

  2. When I first glanced at the small version of the first photo I thought they were lupins but looking at the large version I can see they are not. In fact I don't recognise any of them. The plant in the middle two has beautiful flowers.

  3. I really love the lilacs in the first pic - the other three are stunning as well. Is 19-20 degrees still high for this time of the year?

  4. Absolutely beautiful flowers. My flowers are about shot for the season and the leaves are all changing here. In two weeks it'll be peaking. Thanks for the pics Crista.

  5. Hi Crista, wowed me again. Beautiful, love the first one. We have no snow yet but have had to turn furnaces on as it keeps threatening! No flowers left in my yard because of the cold weather...but all is well, toasty and warm inside. Glad to be able to visit again. take care my friend.

  6. ...beautiful flowers...and so unique. Love the red, brushy-looking flowers! We've had warm temps as well....71F, but a switch is happening and they are crying for snow on Monday. That is just too early for us. We often wear shorts all the way up to Halloween...

  7. Chris ~ I'm glad you enjoyed the flower shots.

    John ~ Left you a wee note on your blog about the flowers you seems interested in...I hope you buy the SILK TREE.

    Maree ~ No these high temps are very unusual for us at this time of year. We ususally have frost by now and the temp generally doesn't get above 15.

    Carol ~ The same will happen here we are just enjoy some great weather..Wow I can't believe it still feels like summer...

    Cinner ~ Nice to see you again!!! glad you enjoyed the pictures.

    Kelly ~ To go from 71 to snow is very extreme..take some extra Vitamin C my dear so you don't get sick...Sometimes such a temp drops shocks the body and lowers your ammune system and you can get sick more easily.