Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Thanksgiving Walk ~ Bushtit's N Spotted Towhee

Morning everyone I'm glad to see that all of you enjoyed my post on the Cedar Wax Wings, beautiful aren't they. Soon after I got those shots of them I heard the lovely sounds of a group of Bushtit's in the same area so again off I went in search. Now in the spring I managed to find a nest and took a little series of them building and coming and going from their nesting sight. Unfortunately I didn't get a very good shot of the bird was my lucky day here was one finally at rest at the very top of this tree. These little guys are hard to get snaps of they are constantly on the go...jumping and feeding on bugs. So this was a definite treat to get this shot. Not far from them was a Male Spotted Towhee screaming his head off that I was stalking them..he was none to pleased to see me so close to him. As you can see here in the bottom shot. He was definitely yelling at me...LOL


  1. Je suis heureux de vous pensez que so.... J'adore le coup de trop. Tel un oiseau magnifique, ils sont uniquement la taille d'une balle de golf que vous le savez.

  2. Lovely clear photos of the young birds this post and the Wax Wings in the previous post.