Thursday, October 1, 2009

Female Anna Hummingbird ~ Swan Lake Find

I had a very successful day out at Swan Lake the other many little birds I captured. This little female Anna Hummingbird for one was hiding in one of the trees. I heard her singing away and crept as close as I could to her without frightening her away. I got really close as you can see in these shots. What I'm not happy about is the background it's very bright with the sun coming through the leaves of the tree...but what can you do. I caught her stretching and fluffing out her feathers as well...I really enjoyed my time this close to her. It was great!!!.


  1. Lucky you nice shots,not a lot you can do with back light. Try selecting with the lasso tool with about 100 feather fill selection with 50% grey then paint with black and reduce the opacity of your adjustment layer. Or duplicate the image and dodge and burn has pretty much the same effect.

  2. How lovely to be able to get so close. To me the bright background lets the bird stand out, especially in the first photo.

  3. Arggggggggggggghhhhhh! Gosh!!!!!!!!
    I'm jealous!!!! Can you send some of them over here! Just one please!
    Your second shot is....splendid!! With the tail fanning and stretching! Beautiful well done Crista...

  4. Hi Crista,

    I just love Hummingbirds, you are so lucky. Having come close to some species in Tobago you can watch them all day long.



  5. Whow Crista, nice pics. Now you are getting 'picky' worring about the backlight etc. I'd be happy just seeing one. FAB

  6. Thanks guys for the lovely comments!!

    Adrian ~ I'm assuming that your refering to Photo shop right???? I don't have that program, but I do appriciate the help you gave me that was wonderful. Thank you very much :)