Thursday, October 8, 2009

Identification of the Mysterious Pink Flower In My Post From Yesterday

Goodmorning everyone

This morning it seems I'm having some serious computer problems. I keep all my pictures that I take on a Sony 16GB Microvalt. I do this because my computer is very old and can't store the amount of photo's I take on the computer I'm afraid that if my old computer should ever crash I will loose all my photo's as well. This is my little safe guard against problems like this....but for whatever reason my computer refuses to recognise my USP port today...I've tried everything but it won't work. So I thought I would share with those of your who are wondering about those lovely pink flowers you saw in yesterday's post. These flowers come from a SILK TREE. These tree's do very well in our environment here on the Island and they are a very striking tree simply because come the end of August into September they are full boom the whole tree turns pink with these blooms. It attracts beautiful birds and bugs. Plus it's a lovely addition to any one's garden....just a stunning tree. Google it and you will love what you find out about this wonderful tree. Maybe you should add it to your garden,it will bring you joy as you watch it grow and provide lovely living environments to your local birds and bugs!! :)


  1. Nice to know what it is. Now I have to look for the french name ;-) Ok it does not have any name in french, we just use its latin name!!! pffff!! Thanks for the info!

  2. I hope you get everything cleared up, puters can really irk us sometimes. Good luck....we have snow and more coming down my friend. it looks like Christmas.

  3. Thanks for the information you left on my blog. As I said there I have ordered a small one to try out.
    The Latin name is:
    Albizzia julibrissin Rosea

    Hope you manage to get your laptop sorted OK.