Friday, October 16, 2009

My Thanksgiving Walk ~ The Forest Floor..Beauty in the Smallest of Things

Well today is about the small the beautiful, it's about fungus and what it does with the decaying wood on the forest floor. Living and helping with the decomposing process. Providing nutrients to the soil for the other trees to absorb in the spring. I love the simple things in life...the things overlooked and taken for granted. Our forest are our largest resource and provider of the oxygen that we breath and the homes for our animals. Our forest and all that live there should always be something we stop and look at and not forget about. Something we should always protect.....our future depends on it.


  1. Hi Crista,
    Nice post and nice thought... Although, you know French people they only think about food. Are these mushrooms eatable?? Have a nice week end.

  2. Crista, I like the way you never let us forget all of the little things out there. If you put all of those things together, it makes up our great big world. Thank you. Love this post. Carol

  3. Wow...these are great! I'm posting mushrooms tomorrow, but of a different kind. I've never seen so many mushrooms in one place as in these photos of yours...wonderful!

  4. Beautiful shots Crista. Well lit. Thank you.

  5. There's nothing like the mushrooms and fungus here on the west coast at this time of year. One hike is like a treasure trove, isn';
    t it?

  6. Lovely shots of the fungi Crista. Don't see a lot near me.

  7. Chris if you ate these you would die. Although our forest do carry quite a few edible mushrooms these are NOT!!

    Carol ~ Thank you I'm glad that you enjoy when I point out the things we over look.

    Mary ~ Thank you my dear I just stumbled upon these little treasures.

    Adrian ~ your welcome :)

    Andrea ~ Oh yes everytime you walk into the woods it's another surprise right around the corned. Love that.

    John ~ Really...hmmmmm I'm sure it's not due to lack of rain.