Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bamboo the Worlds Renewable Resource!!

My post is a little unique today. I have different plants and views that symbolize nature of course...but also an image that shows renewable resources as well. For example this Bamboo is one of the World's most valuable resource right grows quickly and fast. We now use Bamboo for flooring, socks, shirts, furniture....simply alot of products. Did you know that Bamboo grows underground for five years before it even breaks through the soil? That is one of the reasons why it can grow back so quickly after it's been cut down...the root systems are very established. In the next two pictures see if you can spot what the renewable resource is.


  1. ...I didn't know about the 5-year thing! A friend gave me a blanket made from bamboo and it is the softest blanket. It is heavy and soft, and I love it!!!

  2. I didn't know about sock and shirts. They are certainly a versatile and useful plant. I have a miniature variety in a container so it doesn't get a chance to spread as I know many varieties of bamboo can be very invasive in the garden. Now I know haw and why.

  3. Kelly buy yourself some socks they are the best. I wear them when I hike your feet will never get hot so comfortable!!

    John...Yes they make clothing now out of bamboo fibers...much nicer than cotton. Glad to hear that you have your bamboo in containers because yes the bamboo would take over your yard!!