Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hangin by a Thread

Well morning everyone!! Well today Victoria is hitting a record 29 degrees for June 3rd. We usually don't get this hot until all is a buzzing these days in the garden. Last night I had alot of watering to do when I got home from work...and as I was out there I had all of these new baby Hummingbirds coming with little bits of downy feathers sticking out everywhere. My hope is this evening when I get home is to hide and try and get some shots of them not only sipping from the sugar water I supply in the garden but they are also sipping water from one of my water fountains too cute. Today I wanted to feature the smaller animals we don't usually look enjoy.


  1. Hi Crista. Just caught up with your various posts. Loved the stunningly blue Poppy & the first Rose bloom - ours are much further advanced & I should now be dead-heading!
    It's cooler here tonight but the sun & strong breezes are definitely drying the soil so watering will soon become a daily task.

  2. Hey Frank Thanks and totally jealous that your garden is far ahead of ours....I don't have to dead head yet...they are just all coming out not. My Clamatis plants are behind as well but are all out in full bloom now, I took some shots today as a matter of fact will have some lovely shots up soon.

  3. Usually I HATE spiders in any form, and from any angle, (even Charlotte in Charlotte's Web), but you managed to make one look both graceful and beautiful.

    Great picture.

  4. Thanks Coralie...I'm glad that you can admire my picture even though you hate spiders :)