Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rose caught in the rain...my first rose in my Garden

Morning everyone!! I thought today would be good for some nice flower pictures. Fresh looking and colorful. Yesterday Victoira hit a lovely 25 and today we are in store for 28. So my garden has been growing at a very fast rate...even my hanging baskets are full of buds and will soon bloom. Ahhhh love this time of year, so many birds, so many things rich in colour with diverse landscapes and opportunities for lovely nature shots...


  1. ...beautiful. When enlarged, the raindrops are even more stunning. I love the subtle colors of this rose. I'm sure it's fragrance is heavenly!!

  2. Yes Kelly the fragrance is like a bit of Heaven. My Roses are all fragrant..I have them planted all under my livingroom window, so that when you have the window open after a hot day you can smell the roses all through the house. There is a method to my madness at times. :)