Friday, June 12, 2009

Fabulous Fruit Fridays!!! ~ The Intense Pineapple

Happy Friday everyone!! Wow I can't believe the week slid by me so I can't believe I haven't posted a pic since Tuesday...sorry everyone live just gets in the way sometimes and getting out with the camera just hasn't been possible for over a week now. This weekend though I'm going for a huge hike and I hope to bring home some lovely pictures to share with all of you...Happy Weekend everyone!!


  1. favourite. Have a great weekend Crista.

  2. Hey Frank!! Mine too :) Especially fresh, I truely don't like the taste out of a can...Ug

  3. That pineapple looks yummy! Hope you have a lovely hike this weekend!

  4. Out of a can! - I agree.

    There is an AWARD for you on my blog for making me smile every time I visit. Please check it out.
    Lol Frank.