Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Images of Pond Life....The dry bed hidden path

Morning everyone...today my focus is about ponds. In these three shots I have tried to capture what ponds really provide for all wild life. Ducks, bugs, plants, frogs and all that require water to survive. In the two shots below you can see the lush environment and the lovely contrasts that each plant provide for the environment. But in this picture you can see that with alot of drought which we have had here in Victoria ...we are already on water restrictions. We haven't had a good rain fall ...or substantial one for over a month. Usually this bed has running water that trickles down it from one pond to the other. But now that it's dry look at what is happening..new life it taking control of this newly transformed path...simply lovely.


  1. Wow, I'm sorry to hear that you all are experiencing drought conditions right now. I would love to send you some of our rain - we've had an uncharacteristically wet spring.
    The rock bed under the pond is beautiful in its own right, and the plant life around it is beautiful as well.

  2. Yes as lush of an evironment that we have here Heather we do go for long period of time without rain. Just as I say this though the clouds finally moved in today and we are getting scattered showers now..but water restrictions will remain in place until our winter rains come. The reason for these restrictions is because I do live on an Island... :)