Monday, June 15, 2009

Finding my way in....

Morning my post today I have focused on two lovely shot here of my bee. Plus a beetle shot. In the bee shot I was very amazed at how determined this bee really was...took a while for it to work it's way inside the flower. I found this process interesting. With the beetle though I was surprised...I haven't been in the country for some time now I have forgotten the song of the grasshopper. So when I heard this noise I thought I was tracking grasshoppers but when I finally found what it was it shocked me. Up on a branch this beetle was vibrating it's wings so fast that it was creating this noise. Mind you it took me and hour and almost on the edge of frustration to find it. Even though it was very large...I just couldn't see it till I was basically right on top of it. I even said out loud...Finally I found you!! One on my frustrations with my eye sight. My sons would have found the bug in no time if I had taken them out with me. But I didn't give up !!! Anyone know what kind of beetle it could be?


  1. Wow! Fantastic shot of the bee....he's beautiful!

  2. Hello Crista! What a great story! Your photographs are getting better and better, I love your header pic!
    I can't help you with id the bug... sorry. But I've seen bugs like it in Austria before. Very "alien" :))
    I'd like to thank you for awarding my blog for the Kreativ Blogger award!!! Thank you so much!

  3. Oh thank you Michaela...and it was my pleasure to nominate you. Your a very dynamic person. I can tell by what you post and how deep your feeling run. It is refreashing to come to your blog and read about all that you share.

    Kelly I'm glad you liked the photo....and thanks for labeling my's hard to google for the name of a particular bug so many come up that I couldn't keep track!! Now I have a name to it. Yay!!