Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Before and After Effect

Yesterday I actually found an opportunity to get out and take some shots, and I thought I would post this lovely shot I took in June of this lovely Blackberry Flower and show you the results of this fantastic flower. Yep my fav Blackberries they are almost ready to be picked. There are some patches where I'm sure I could fill an ice cream bucket and I might do that this week when I get home from work. I work the early shifts this week, so my posting won't be until night time anyway. So Happy Sunday everyone!!! and pick some blackberries. There are pies to make, jam to boil and Vanilla ice cream waiting for fruit....yummmm.


  1. You post the most beautiful images. You really do. I hope you know how gorgeous they are and how much I appreciate you're taking the time to do that. I feel as though I'm getting to know you in an odd way but a good way. Have a good week.

  2. Blackberries are my fave. Have a great day. Pics were great my friend.

  3. Carol ~ What a lovely lovely thing to say...Thank you so much. I would have to agree with you, if you take the time to follow me you will definately know me. Through these pictures and my posts are who I am deep down inside. Surpised you can see others they are just pictures I post. :)

    Cinner~ Ya!!!! Give me the Berries...Oh BOY!! Home Made Jam with Hot Bread Fresh from the OVEN OHHHHHHH Ya :) LOL