Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 12 ~ Peak to Peak Final Views!!

Hello everyone...well this post is massive and the last post of the Peak to Peak series!!! Wow lots of pictures eh? Sorry about that, but it was hard to edit some of the pictures..if I had deleted what I had wanted you wouldn't have gotten the full story or picture of what I was describing to you. So down below are your fast facts about the Gondola and how large it is. So this particular ride takes you from Whistler to Black Comb or vis versa. Really an incredible feet of engineering isn't it.

Below I have some lovely pictures of horses that you can ride and explore the Alpine trails on Black Comb...but I'm not a horse rider, but I truly admire their beauty..Horses are exceptional animals and have been there for humans throughout history...just love their nature.

Now below from this marker on are the images I captured from Black Comb...sorry there are no panorama views I wish there was, but the smoke here is just too thick to get good images of the mountain range. So what I have is unfortunately all I have. Maybe next year will be better for picture taking, if we manage to get up here again.

This completes the trip from Peak to Peak I sure hope all of you have enjoyed it as much as I did. I wish all of you were here with your camera's, it would have been really neat to see what you would have captured while you were here.


  1. ...gorgeous......what a beautiful trip. I think I would be overwhelmed with what to choose to blog on. Everything is so different and big!!!

  2. Awesome, what a wonderful trip Crista. Just beautiful.

  3. Nearly 2 mile unsupported. Wow! Looks like you got some breath taking views in spite of the smoke. Beautiful horses. I have always had a hankering to ride but never got round to it.

    All in all you have had quite an adventure.

  4. Hey Crista. Glad you had a great time and shared some fabulous pics of your trip. Lots of memories until you return for another visit.