Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Goldstream Park ~ Part 2 Capturing Moving Water Dreamy Style

Welcome to part two!! Now this little series was the hardest part of my photography challenge. I have seen and worshiped this style of photography where your water looks smooth and dreamy. Not an easy project let me tell you. I have a tripod but it's definitely not a high end one. It's made of light aluminum and the slightest movement causes the tripod to shake. Not something you want to happen while taking these types of shots. I would like to give a big hug and thank you to Claudio, he emailed the details on how to achieve this look. My first day out was unsuccessful...every image was blurry from the slight movement when I pushed the shutter. So I came home and Googled techniques on how to decrease the wiggle problems I was having with my tripod. So the second day I went out I was very successful. Apparently if you take a large breath in then as you release your breath you push the shutter button at the same time...that movement is smooth and you get no vibrations through your tripod causing a crisp and clear shot!!! It must have looked very funny to see a tall woman with a camera and tripod doing deep breathing while taking pictures...but I must say it works very very well. Note when doing dreamy water pictures your shutter speed is extremely high thus the reason for the tripod tool.


  1. Seems to me that the deep breathing exercises worked very well. Nice series Crista.
    Looking at your leaf 'fall' pics I think you must be closer to autumn than us. FAB

  2. HI Crista,
    Very well done indeed. I love the two last one. I'll try that when I'll do some icelandic birds pictures. So how come you ended up in Canada if you are Icelandic. Well, you can also ask, Chris how come a French guy can live in Iceland.

  3. Beautiful picture, I sat here deepbreathing as I was reading. Maybe my typing will be better. Take care. big Hug.

  4. beautiful work!
    long exposures to manage the surface water are one thing meravogliosa.
    if not available, a tripod, you can use a piece of wood planted on the ground, on which
    support the camera, or a piece of rope held under a foot and the other end
    attached to the car by a good stability
    hold the camera steady for 2 seconds or more is virtually impossible without a tripod .....
    thanks for your appreciation!
    a hug!

  5. You have this really great way with words. I can't describe but it has more of a personal feel than when I write. Kudos! And kudos on those really cool photos. They have this feeling about them. Really different. Really unique. And I love unique. Do more!

  6. Frank ~ Thank you...yes I think fall is coming early this year here. There has already been that crisp air in the mornings and coolness to the air of late.

    Chris ~ Answer for your question ~ My Great Grandma was a mail away bride. She lived in Iceland and married an Irish man. They both came down to Boston USA to meet and get married. From there they imigrated to Canada. At that time Canada was giving land away for free if you stayed and farmed the land for one year. There is a tid bit of history for you. :)

    Cinner ~ LOL let me know how that deep breathing worked for you. Did you type better? :)

    Claudio ~ Fabulous tips I will have to try that as well. No thank you for helping me with some of my special photography projects.

    Carol ~ Thank you for you wonderful comments...I'm glad to hear that my posts have a nice personal feel..I'm trying for that. I'm trying to provide the same experience for you as the reader to feel like your really there with me. I'm glad to read that my efforts are working :)

  7. Lovely dreamy pictures, Crista. Your patience and perseverance were well rewarded. Something I have not tried but might be tempted to now.

  8. These look great....very dreamy as others have said. Capturing moving water is hard. Never has quite the feel of what you saw and liked when you clicked the camera, but I guess the moment we missed is replaced by a moment just as beautiful because water is always beautiful.

  9. John ~ If you try post them on your will probably be more sucessful than I. I think you've got a heavier Tripod than I it would be interesting to see your results over what I accomplished. I might learn something new from you...I'm like a little spong your know :)

    Mary ~ Thank you and yes water movement was my largest challenge so far I would have to say. Besides trying to capture nature in motion another challenge I haven't quick mastered yet!! Isn't that true how water is always beautiful...I can't agree with you more.

  10. Nice work Crista! Very nicely done. I especially like the 2nd to last shot.