Monday, August 31, 2009

Ocean Birds ~ The Sea Gulls

Sea either love them or hate them. Like the Pigeon they do make allot of mess! One thing that the Sea Gull has over the Pigeon though is it's strong history especially for sailors in the days where navigational systems didn't exist. To see a sea gull out at sea was a huge life line letting the sailors know that land was very close at hand. I know if I was a sailor back then seeing a sea gull would be like seeing God I think....the feeling of thank God!!! Land is just over this horizon. Sea Gulls are also a protected bird for those of you who don't know. So killing a Sea Gull would put you in a bad light according to the laws in place to protect them. I personally like Sea Gulls I love the way they communicate with each other at times they can be loud, but so can we. For me they represent water and what we rely from water, and oceans. For food, new and upcoming uses for Hydro Power generated from waves coming into our much that I couldn't possibly post it all one one small post today. I'm sure all of you could in some way contribute to this post about how much we rely on water...but really today it's about the Sea Gull!! Beautiful birds indeed over a very large period of time. Happy Monday Everyone!!


  1. Great photos...
    how did you get them to pose? :-)
    Have a happy day! Lizzy

  2. Hi Christa,
    Nice shots and portraits. I do not really like them, cause I never know which one is what, they are so similar ;-) But you managed it well on these portraits! Well done.

  3. Excellent close ups Crista. Have a good week. FAB

  4. Great head & shoulder shots!

  5. Must confess I'm one of those that just LOVES seagulls! Always getting into trouble for feeding them... Lovely pics Christa.

  6. Very nice Crista, I am not a big fan of them usually, but maybe I have not looked close enough.

  7. Lizzy ~ I stalked them!! really someone was feeding them and I took the opportunity to get the shots. First time I've accually got some decent shots off with these birds.

    Chris ~ They are a fasinating just have to look really hard to find it :)

    Frank, Carol, Tabib ~ Thank you very much for the lovely comments.

    Maree ~ Cool I knew that there was someone out there like me :)

    Cinner ~ Yep I find that to find beauty in anything in nature you really have to open your eyes...even the unsightly through a camera can suddenly look stunning :)