Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sidney's New Discovery Center ~ A Series of Under Water Ocean Images~ Part 1 Invertebrates

Hello everyone and sorry for the delayed post, but I had a project in mind. Sidney has just recently opened a New Discovery Center and this exciting new exhibit features the species that live in our ocean that surrounds our Island! So I thought I would take the opportunity and check it out and was I impressed....There were examples of all kinds of life and I had no idea just how beautiful it is under the water. I'm now thinking I should take a Scuba Diving Course next summer...I would love to see these wonderful creatures up close it would be a very wonderful experience to be able to swim with and explore the ocean. To be able to witness it's abundance of life. Today's post is all the invertebrates....look at the variety you have with this one type of animal in the sea. From Jelly Fish to Sea anemones!! Simply delicate and beautiful...Wow


  1. Beautiful Hope you are well. The last couple of times once I post my comment, it starts multiplying. I think I will download Firefox this week and is I don't comment for a few days you know why, but trust me I look everyday. Take care my friend.

  2. It was all fine tonight. great.

  3. Those are beautiful; how wonderful to be able to see them "in the flesh" so to speak! Great captures too :)

  4. Outstanding Images,love the last shot.
    The blue
    back drop adds to a stunning shot.
    Crista Fab work.

  5. Beautiful photos Crista. Well done.

    BTW - after reading your last post I have ordered a Papaya with my grocery delivery tomorrow so I can try one for myself.

  6. Cinner thanks for keeping me up to speed with the problems on my blog!! So far your the lucky one my friend, but I'm hopeful the only one. Thank you and I know you come to look all the time. :)

    Tricia ~ Welcome and Thank you it was a wonderful experience to see up close what accually lives right under my nose 365 days a year. I really want to learn to scuba dive now!!

    JRandSue ~ Thanks for the fab commpliments nice to see you poping by!! :)

    John ~ You'll have to tell me what you think about the Papaya!! They are very Juicy :)

  7. Carol ~ Thank you so much your such a sweet heart !! :)

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