Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award !!! Wow three times given

Wow I have just had the honor of receiving the Kreativ Blogger Award for a third time!!! Thank you WEST COUNTRY BIRDING AND WILDLIFE DIARY ~ The first time I did the work required of the award. The second time well I hadn't had the resources to award 7 new blogs. But I have expanded my reading to new blogs and I now have 7 new blogs that I faithfully follow and would like to pass this award off too.
But for those of you who are now new to my blog and are following me I guess you would like to know 7 things about myself...yes that is part of the award to let your readers know a few things about yourself 7 to be exact!! So here it goes:
1. I love Chocolate...I can smell it from at least 6 blocks away.
2. Photography is a passion for me I love it fully
3. I have three children Ages 12, 11 and 10 Yes they do keep me busy!!
4. I'm a warm compassionate person, who has a large shoulder and ear to cry on (So I have been told)
5. I'm Irish and Icelandic and English. I'm also Third Generation Canadian.
6. I love to travel and would like to do more of that as my children grow up and leave home.
7. I love to Hike, Garden, take very long walks, swim and stalk wild life whenever I can.
Now the 7 blogs that I would like to award. Usually with the 7 nominated blogs you would give a brief description about the blog. But in this case I would like all of you to go and check them out for yourselves see if you like them too. If you do follow them, some are just bran new and would love to have you follow their the new ones they have fabulous things to see and read!!
2. BrainWorker's Photo Gallery ~
3. Claudio G. photo's blog ~
4. Daily Discovery photos ~
6. Things about Who, What, When, Where and Why ~
7. Faith, Fabric and Photos ~
Thanks and have fun everyone!! :)


  1. Thankyou Crista for the award. First of all congratulations to you on it. Your blog is very deserving. As you know it beckons me everyday to come see what you have been up to.Your photos are like works of art. Again thankyou for mentioning me on your blog. Take care, visit soon!

  2. Thank you for thinking of my blog for this! What a nice surprise! I've enjoyed your blog very much since finding it. You have some wonderful photos.

  3. Wow, my blog was mentioned. Greatly appreciate!

  4. Well done Crista,

    You were super quick in getting all this together. Took me days.

    Don't mention Chocolate can eat far too much.


  5. John ~ What can I say ...but I'm fast! I do alot in a day...I try to squeeze as much into every minute. :)

    Cinner ~ That is so nice...but I love your blog deserve this my friend.

    Sergey ~ Your welcome.

    Mary ~ Your blog rocks I Love it !!!

  6. cool! my blog was mentioned!
    many many thanks!