Monday, August 17, 2009

Ducks Can Really Live It Up!!

Well I did it I managed to get everything done on the weekend that I wanted to get done. Wow too much work....the boys when they get home are going to have a heart attack for sure. Their room is clean, de-junked and organized just in time for school, won't they be happy! (NOT) Oh well I'm happy so that should count for something right? Luckily I managed to get out for a bit yesterday. I jumped onto my scooter and away I went down to the break water to see if I could spot anything exciting. What luck I did...but I don't know if three little ducks in a row napping is exciting or not, but I was sure able to get really really close. So close I could have put one in my pocket and taken it home. In the picture above I just marvel at how they can sleep while on one leg without falling over, I think that is amazing all in itself don't you.

This litte beauty let me get right up to her.....look at the details in her feathers and the lovely colors on the top of her head when the sun hits her just right. Love this shot.


  1. Just beautiful, glad you finished what you wanted to. If the boys are not happy they will get over it. Take care,

  2. beautiful and ducky duck photos! love them....
    (I've finished nothing around here!)

  3. Beautiful photos of that female Mallard. I think their feathers have such lovely patterns and colors. I guess I'm glad they are the duck I see the most often.