Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Ocean Is Not Only A Food Supply...But

Yesterday after dinner my Husband and I went down to the ocean....and the light was perfect. Not to bright just right coming to dusk actually....the best light to work with. So what really grabbed my interest was the activity on the water. All the little Sea Cadets were out there with their adult partner learning to sail. It was very beautiful to watch as they practiced their maneuvers on the water....there was alot of nice wind last night. The whole evening was perfect fort them. Not only did I notice the sail boats...but I managed to capture a crow enjoying the beach. I have found photographing crows a bit of a challenge...if you don't have good light it really washed out their feathers and you picture is ruined. But finally I thing I have a decent shot of one....and enjoying the beach no less.. :)

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  1. Looks as though you had a nice time by the ocean. What a great shot of the crow. Yes black coloured birds are difficult to photograph but yours shows up the feathers really well and the old tree frames the picture perfectly.