Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm Home!!

Well I just got home.....ahhhhhh...nice to be back. Nice to go but nice to be home. The fires in Lilloett were really bad. Quite frankly just too close to where we were for my liking. Black Comb had some fires too and the air quality up there had gotten really bad. So we decided yesterday to go to Vancouver to see Chris's brother and Sister-in-Law. We had a fantastic visit....just imagine 6 children all having a good time. It was a hoot. As we were leaving Whistler ( Creek Side Village) I got talking to an RCMP officer and he was telling me that there were Grizzly bears on the highway, deer, frogs, rabbits all kinds of poor animals fleeing from their homes for safety...I felt bad for them and for all the people who had to flee their homes as well for safety in Kamloops. Lightning is not Nature's friend in dry season that is for sure. I will something tomorrow and stop by and see all my blogs that I visit to see what you have been up too...I haven't done that for a few days..feel kinda outta the loop! Till tomorrow. :)


  1. How nice you are back home, you seemed to have a good time despite the fires.
    Me and my partner traveld the wistler area about 12 years ago, stayed a night in Kamloops, weired to think that those poor poeple and their city is exposed to such a threat now.
    Poor animals.
    But it's nature...

  2. HBFG~ Ahhhhh yes home sweet bed felt sooooooo good last night you have no idea..Sigh :)

    Sergey ~ It sure is, it is so nice to get away.....but so sweet to come home. :)