Friday, August 14, 2009

Feeling Scattered Today!!

Ahhh it's Friday!! But I'm in a hurry...the boys are leaving at 10am to head out for 5 days of camping with their Dad. I have to double check their bag to make sure they have packed everything they need. Once they are gone I'm going to ATTACK their bedroom and get rid of crap and clothes that they have out grown. Which by the way is almost everything they own. I promise that next week I will get back on track with Fabulous Fruit Fridays..I just haven't had the time or when I have the boys have already eaten all of the fruit. I can't win for trying here. LOL So today again it's all about the flowers....enjoy and I will catch all of you on the flip side tomorrow or catch up will all of you in the evening...oh I'm bad :)


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself, hey when it hits me to clean out a room, nothing else probably want to get it done before school too. So I say go girl go!. The pics are fabulous as always....Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm scattered too....all the time. I just hate it, but that's the way my brain works. I have a Swiss-cheese brain and usually feel like an absent-minded goofball! Have fun... The ATP tennis tourney is in town and I live about 7 minutes from the place. We have box tickets at work, and that's where I've been all week--and next. I'm so far behind on everything!

  3. Cinner ~ Thankyou sometimes things just get pilled up and before you know it you have a huge project to get done..I hate that!! I still have alot of things to do this weekend..but I'm getting it done. :)

    Kelly ~ Wow I love tennis it sounds like alot of fun. Have a snack for me :) My favorite thing to do before I settled down to have a family was to go to Seatle and watch the ball games. I don't know why but a hot dog tastes better up in the bleachers with a cold beer...LOL I don't drink beer anymore gives me headaches, but there was a time when I loved it.