Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunflowers~ Cool Changes in the Garden!!

Wow the first thing I noticed was the amount of changes in the garden since I was away. For one my Sunflowers are all in bloom!!! I don't know about you but I love sunflowers, there is something about them that just rings true to my heart and makes me smile every time I see them. So why not grow them in your garden too!!! Honestly I can't take credit for these beautiful you want to know who planted them? My birds did!!! Sometimes they don't clean up very well under the feeders....and Chabang you have sunflowers! Thanks to all my little bird helpers....LOL


  1. I had a whole crop of volunteer sunflowers too...all planted by the birds, but they are all eaten up now. Ours peaked about a month ago. They are gorgeous, gorgeous flowers and make a spectacular banner!!

  2. WoW...some beautifully captured shots!

  3. Funny that - I have just written about the same thing happening here. My Sunflowers are only just starting to flower as yet. They really are a Summer all of their own with those large brilliant yellow flower heads.

  4. I love sunflowers too... unfortunately they need quite a bit of water and with water restrictions last summer I didn't manage to grow any.

    I'm going to try again this year.

    best wishes
    Ribbon :)

  5. LOVE this group of pictures. Sunflowers are some of my favorites and you have captured them beautifully.

  6. Crista, Your photographs are absolutely gorgeous. There's no other way to put it. You comment often on my posts and I really appreciate it very much. But you live in such a gorgeous part of the world. I envy that. Living in the midwest in the U.S. you have to travel to really see the gorgeous natural areas. I've decided it's high time I put you on my blogroll and thank you again for all of your lovely compliments.

  7. Sunflowers and morning glories are my faves. Our weather has not been good enough here for either this season., so seeing your sunflowers are second best...Thankyou, glad you had a nice trip. Big Hug.

  8. Carol ~ Thank you so much...but I bet that if I came to your area of the woods I would say the same thing. The grass is always greener on the other side. I envy you for your variety of birds, your diversity in environment that you have true seasons. It's not like that here. We have seasons but they aren't the same. Victoria has flowers growing all year!! We rarely have snow or frost(Except for last year it was a record for us) I don't need a winter coat, or boots....I would love to experience a true winter,'s always spring here :) So Carol love where you live I'm sure it's Stunning!!

    Ribbon ~ I will check out your blog to see if you put up any photos of your Sunflowers next year :)

    Coralie ~ Thank you and I'm glad you love the Sunflower pictures...thank for the Comment.

    flyingstars ~ Thank you so much.

    Kelly ~ I wonder since your so far ahead of us in alot of you enter fall sooner too? Is it fall like where you are now?