Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 9 ~ Wonderful day

Well today was wonderful...we had a great day :) Chris and I had a very deep conversation about the costs of being up here and we decided because we never ever do anything and watch our pennies all the time that we would do one awesome thing while we are here. We will be going onto the Gondola tomorrow and experiencing the Peak 2 Peak Alpine Experience. So tomorrow all my BLOGG FRIENDS there will be Panorama views from the top of Whistler!!! I'm so excited I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight...LOL and I'm very excited for all of you as well. So I posted some nice bug, bird and one deer shot for you.

The mountains are a great environment to capture these wonderful bugs....grasshoppers!! I was caught straddling a rock in my long jean skirt.....did I blush when a man made a comment about it..yep I sure did. He said it wasn't everyday that you come across a woman straddling a rock to get a picture of a bug...he said this memory will be forever burned into his mind... LOL

This little song Sparrow was caught with a bad hair day after it's bath. It was too cool to watch it have it's bath and then hop onto a Skunk Cabbage leaf to dry off. Mind you half way through drying it's self it was starting to pant...It was 38 degrees today.

This shot was captured from within the van thus the quality isn't so good...on our way to Lilloett. First deer I've seen since I've been here...nice.


  1. Haha! What we won't do for the perfect shot! I can't wait to see your panoramas tomorrow! Have fun...and hold on tight! :-)

  2. Beautiful pictures today. I'm pleased you decided to experience the gondola ride. It will give you lasting special memories of your visit. Looking forward to reading about it.

    Had to laugh about you photographing the grasshopper. I sometimes wonder what people think when I am waving the camera about madly trying to photograph a bird in flight.

  3. Love the wet Song Sparro! The deer is beautiful. Look forward to those panaramas :-)

  4. Crista , glad you are going and doing that, You don't get the chance very often, besides your creating memories, pinch pennies when you get home. Loved the deer shot. Back tomorrow.

  5. Thank you Kelly, John, Mary and Cinner...your comments are so wonderful to read everyday ;) Yes I thought my story of the grasshopper would bring instant smiles to all your faces.

    For Mary ~ I've noticed that you have been commenting on posts....some of the posts I have responded to you and others I have missed. So a big thank you to you for your wonderful warm comments you have put a big smile on my face...I'm glad you come and enjoy what I do here :)